2022 proved to be a very busy, productive, and interesting year. I was happy to return to so many shows, and to teaching with groups that I hadn’t seen for a while. Perhaps we weren’t quite back to prepandemic life, but it definitely began to feel that things were moving in the right direction. I was lucky enough to  find ways of working during the various lockdowns but, it was so good to get out and about, and get back to seeing people face to face. Some shows have changed a bit, with old venues dropping out of events  but, new ones have opened up. Some exhibitors and tutors have decided to retire or change how they work. Happily, there are new people taking their places with exciting new ideas. I joined the Essex Craft Guild which is currently very busy looking for new venues and shows to take part in. It does  make life difficult at times but it’s always good to move forward rather than get stuck in a rut.

I have a very busy year coming up with lots of  new opportunities. New groups, new shows and, very enthusiastic new students. The time spent in lockdown certainly encouraged many more people to try new things. It’s lovely to be able to help them to move forward with their new skills.

One of the groups that I have recently become involved with is particularly rewarding. It’s LACE: Life After Cancer Essex (UK). A delightful gathering of people brought together in such difficult circumstances who are so cheerful and ready to try their hands at just about anything.

I’ve been taking  a break  for the last few weeks but that has given me a chance to try lots of new ideas, new materials and, new ways of doing things. Happily, quite a few new pictures have resulted and, many new workshops. So, I’ll be back by early March and eager to begin.

Spring is in the air bringing new vitality to us all.



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