2023 turned out to be an even busier year than I expected. I met lots of people and made new friends, I tried new things and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. The brilliant event management teams that I work with have well and truly brought fresh ideas and energy in to play after the restrictions of the pandemic. It has also been good to see so many more people coming to our shows. I think we are all relishing  our freedom. Times are difficult for so many but there seems to be a determination not to let life drag us down. I took the opportunity, during various lockdowns, to try new ideas and mediums. Now is my chance to put  what I learned into practice. As far as teaching goes, there seems to be an extra incentive making more people want to find new skills, new hobbies.

As far as the coming year is concerned there is definitely no sign of things slowing down. I have classes, workshops and shows booked and am busy getting everything prepared. I have ideas which I would like to expand on and, hopefully, this will be a time to to  bring those to fruition. I look forward to a busy, productive  and, above all, enjoyable 2024.

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