About Me

If anyone qualifies as a local artist it should be me. Born in Rochford and lived in the surrounding area all of my life. After leaving school a husband and 2 children kept me fully occupied and thoughts of pursuing my artistic ambitions went on the back burner, but, I maintained an interest and often talked about evening classes. My mid-fifties bought a now or never moment.Time to stop talking and start doing! I finally signed up!  A couple of years passed and I did learn quite a lot but gradually realised that I was, basically, teaching myself. I decided that taking an occasional class with a professional artist would help me more and that is what I have continued to do. Apart form the knowledge I gain it also gives me an insight from the other side of the room as it were. Now that I do so much teaching myself that can be very useful.  See my Blog  for details of some workshops or See my Links Page  

Gather round!

My life now seems to be a series of happy accidents. After someone suggested that I put a few pieces of work into a small, local show I was suddenly introduced to so many talented, and very nice, people who encouraged me to do things that I would never have thought possible. The search for a printer to make me some show signs led to him asking to see my work and suggesting that we try selling cards (For further information contact www.fennpress.co.uk). This led to a web-site and at that point I had to bite the bullet and join the modern world. A computer meant teaching myself how to use it and I’ve been doing that ever since with varying degrees of success. In fact, I now maintain and update my own website (with the help of more techy friend s when I get it wrong)!

My ambition  was always to use watercolour in a very loose, free way but, unfortunately, that is not where my talents seem to lie. My mind concentrates too much on fine detail for that. I’m quite well known for my pen & wash drawings of the local area but, on the other hand, my pictures of cobwebs have regular collectors!

Watercolour and gel pen

Detailed pencil drawings are also a favourite with me and what inspiration can’t be drawn from my own garden can usually be found in the RHS gardens at Hyde Hall.Whilst exhibiting there I met Charlie Bran who produces the most beautiful hand-made paper. We got together and I am now work on small, botanical pen & wash drawings using his papers (www.papermakingfromplants.co.uk).


In more recent times I have developed an interest in drawing pencil portraits. I really enjoy the challenge.


Working with graphite




All of this means that there are very few avenues that I haven’t explored whilst remaining, more or less, in the area of watercolour. However, these are exciting times for artists. So many new mediums are becoming available that it’s very hard not to be tempted to try them all. Acrylic paint and inks are becoming a passion. In fact mixed media seems to be overtaking all other interests at present especially as it is  most popular  with students at the moment.

I display and sell work at various shows throughout the year.  Being asked to participate  in shows for local charities is particularly enjoyable. I have now retired from the Board of Trustees for the Art Ministry in Hadleigh but continue to be involved with them in a fund-raising capacity. That part of my life came about because one of the other Trustees saw my work in Rayleigh library and contacted me. A hectic, but very rewarding, few years followed. I was very honoured to be nominated as volunteer of the year. For further information about our activities go to www.theartministry.org.uk.

A very proud day


I am now part of the Southend Art Club after being invited by several members. I’ll be joining them in some of their activities whenever I can. They have two local exhibitions each year.

I don’t know what new challenges await me but life is never dull!