About Me

I’m a local artist, having lived in the same area all my life At school art was my subject and I had ambitions towards making it my career. Life intervened but the ambitions were never really forgotten.

Eventually there was a ‘now or never’ moment. Evening classes were booked but, I later decided that an occasional class with a professional artist would suit me better. I still take the occasional class now. There is always something to learn and, it gives me a useful insight when I am, myself teaching. This is something which I would never have envisaged just a few years ago and something which I greatly enjoy doing.

Friends suggested that I exhibit at a local show where I met  many talented people who encouraged me to do things that I would never have thought possible. I found a printer to make me some show signs. He  suggested that we sell cards (www.fennpress.co.uk). Next came a web-site and at that point I had to  join the modern world. A computer meant teaching myself how to use it.

A determination to ‘loosen up’ gave me the opportunity to incorporate a variety of mediums into my work. I tend to concentrate on the natural world…flowers, trees, birds and butterflies. With these I find it much easier to achieve that looser style. I have, gradually developed an interest in portraiture. There are very few avenues that I haven’t explored whilst remaining, more or less, in the area of watercolour. However, these are exciting times for artists. Many new mediums are becoming available and it’s very hard not to be tempted to try them all. Mixed media painting is very popular at my classes and workshops. It is very forgiving and can help to encourage beginners to keep practising. I display and sell work at shows and exhibitions throughout the year.

I am a Trustee with the Art Ministry, a local charity using arts and crafts to engage with disadvantaged  members of the community. For further information about our activities go to www.theartministry.org.uk   I am a member of the Southend Art Club and the Essex Craft Guild. Although I have yet to join the growing numbers of online art tutors, it’s a case of never say never. During the pandemic the internet was an invaluable tool for so many and encouraged  people to try new things whilst they had the time. Life now seems to be full of amazing new opportunities which I could never have dreamt of.