There really is no polite way to describe 2020 is there!

All of my events and, almost all, of my workshops and classes were cancelled or postponed. Although I was fortunate enough to sell lots of work and concentrate on many more commissions than I normally have time for, I missed the interaction with pupils and customers. As did everyone! Nothing is ever all bad though. I had lots of time to get on with my ‘when I’ve got a minute’ list. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to  try new mediums and styles. Sitting in a sunny garden painting and drawing is definitely not a hardship.

I was also able to think about possible new products and even, to try the out on present customers. Watch this space when shows begin.

I did think about the possibility of online teaching but came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for me. I did follow some classes run by a very talented friend but, it does need both equipment and technical know how, neither of which are really available round here!  Also, I realised that it is the face to face contact which makes me enjoy teaching so much.

At present I have 3 shows, some workshops and, maybe, an exhibition planned. Who knows if they will be able to go ahead but…here’s hoping. If the past months have taught us anything that must surely be patience. As soon as I can give any definite news I will.

For now, be kind and stay well.  I’m so looking forward to meeting old friends and new in the, not too distant, future.

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