A brand new year is here and it looks like being busier than ever. New opportunities are on the horizon and I can’t believe how full my calendar already is. my resolution for the year has to be to get more organised! Hopefully that might lead to a less stressful life. Towards that end I’ve started the very daunting task of completely clearing my work room so that it can be decorated and then fitted out with much more organised storage. Bags are already being filled with stuff that should have been cleared out a long time ago but, I seem to be making a dent as yet! All I can do is keep on going and hope that, by the time Spring arrives, I’ll have dealt with everything so that we can fling windows wide and start stripping wallpaper. As I said…going to be a bit busy. Last year was such a good one that I need to get started on a fair amount of new work straight away so that will be going on at the same time. My first shows and workshops¬†start in March so that doesn’t leave me too long. No chance of me getting bored. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, catching up with friends and, mostly, to enjoying what I’m lucky enough to do.

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